CKEditor in cattaDoc

CKEditor adds rich-text editing to cattaDoc

CKEditor - formerly called FCKEditor - is a JavaScript package that adds rich-text editing to browser-based applications like cattaDoc.

"Rich-text editing" means edit functions you know from desktop word processing in for instance Microsoft Word, where you can make text bold and italic, create bulleted lists etc. You can actually see CKEditor in action below, where you can add a comment.

From version 5 CKEditor is required for running cattaDoc. Before cattaDoc 5 it was optional.

CKEditor is included in some Linux distribution and if so you can reuse it in cattaDoc. You integrate CKEditor in cattaDoc through System administration --> Configuration / System constants.

If you later want to upgrade CKEditor to a newer version it is very simple:

  1. Download the newest version from
  2. Unzip the content to your CKEditor folder as defined in cattaDoc

That's all. No configuration files have been changed in this folder or subfolders.

However, it might be necessary to remove the file ckeditor/.htaccess

CKEditor is included in the full cattaDoc download package, but not in the cattaDoc-only package.


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Revised: 2015-12-11