cattaDoc Installation Guide 

cattaDoc Installation Guide

You install and make cattaDoc ready to use by following the steps described in this section

First, make sure that all cattaDoc requirements are in place - see cattaDoc requirements.

Second, download the cattaDoc files - see cattaDoc download files.


cattaDoc Installation Steps

These are the steps necessary to install cattaDoc on your server:

  1. Copy cattaDoc files and set permissions
  2. Create the MySQL backend database
  3. Create document and library repositories
  4. Modify configuration files and parameters - Initial configuration
  5. Create users



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1 cilsilver (lagos - Nigeria) wrote 2013-10-26 11:21:26 :

unable to install
Hi, I tried installing ur application but me an error Notice: Undefined index: cdobj on line 12. Index.php

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