Project management with cattaDoc

What is covered and why?

cattaDoc is focused on practical, day-to-day support for project management processes and tasks. It does not aim at implementing a pure PRINCE2® and/or MSP® environment.

Neither is cattaDoc aiming at delivering a lot of document templates like many other PRINCE2 tools and systems.

PRINCE2® and MSP® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited.


What do you get from cattaDoc?

So, what does cattaDoc give you in project management?

  1. You get an overview of all your projects in an organisation, their status and phases.

  2. cattaDoc is not limited to projects in the narrow sense, but includes support for portfolios and programmes in addition to projects - as well as their mutual relationships.

  3. cattaDoc gives you a framework for strong and rock-solid configuration management. This is the basics of cattaDoc.

  4. cattaDoc is of course an excellent project filing system as PRINCE2 calls it, supporting management products and specialist products as well as the other documents flowing during a project, like minutes and e-mails, which are not dealt with by PRINCE2 and MSP, but are equally important in the daily life of projects.

  5. You can define and document your project organisation in cattaDoc. There is support for all the roles defined by PRINCE2 and MSP as well as other roles often found in projects, with cross-links to the persons defined in cattaDoc.

  6. You can define and follow your project budget and costs in cattaDoc.

  7. cattaDoc is deliberately flexible and not rigid in its support for the PRINCE2 and MSP processes. Many organisations want to implement PRINCE2 and/or MSP, but gradually and tailored to their needs - and often only partly, even though this is not recommended.

  8. With cattaDoc you can register your project register and log entries when events occur and automatically convert these to management products when needed. As a side-effect, you can seach all your register and log entries across both projects and register/log types.

  9. cattaDoc provides a framework for further project process automation by converting documents to database structures, focusing on project information and project needs - and not on document templates.

Please note, that cattaDoc is based on an interpretation of PRINCE2 and MSP. The manuals are not geared towards a digital solution, so you have to adapt what they say.


The road ahead

The plan is to develop new database structures for additional management products, starting with product description and quality log - along the lines introduced by the risk register, the issue register and the lessons learned log in version 4.0 of cattaDoc.

This will probably be followed by the work package and the checkpoint report.

These "document templates" will be delivered in separate packages when available.


A new approach to office work

PRINCE2 (and MSP) seems to be very document-oriented. And many people are very focused on getting PRINCE2 document templates for Microsoft Word. This is very understandable. This is the way we are doing most of our office work today. Not only when managing projects, but in general.

However, if we really want to improve our productivity in office-related work, including when doing projects, I will claim that this is not the way forward. Today, office packages like Microsoft Office (and other similar packages as well) are more of a burden than an aid when we do most of our ordinary office work. They are over-loaded with facilities we never or very seldom use.

It is strange that you have to load a huge thing like Microsoft Word for writing a simple memo - or preparing a checkpoint report. And it does not stop there: You also have to find a unique name for the memo - and a place to store it, so that you can find it again. A lot of things that distract our attention away from the real subject in question. And it takes time, unnecessary time.

cattaDoc offers another approach to office work. An approach, where you work in an environment focusing on and tailored to the job you are actually doing. With cattaDoc: project management. Providing the tools you need - when you need them.

It is still in the beginning with current version of cattaDoc. But this is the vision. Combined with a web-centred approach so you can manage your projects from anywhere, only with a browser and Internet access.


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Revised: 2015-12-22