A cattaDoc Tutorial - Introduction

Steps to create a new organisation, a new contact person and new documents

The purpose of the tutorial is to walk you trough the steps in cattaDoc, based on a simple case. You can see the case and its documents in the online demo version of cattaDoc.


Scenario / Case

Ann Grossing (from PubTop Consulting) is working as a consultant for a public organisation. They are in consideration of buying a new document management system from CD Developement, but are concerned about security issues based on stories in newpapers from another organisation. Therefore Ann writes to CD Development: Can the system from CD Development prevent such security issues.

In CD Development, the inquiry from Ann Grossing is received by the CIO, Joan Pactor. In CD Development they are using cattaDoc as their document and project management system, so Joan stores the inquiry (sent as an e-mail) as a document in cattaDoc.

Joan decides to forward the inquiry to Peter Hansson, the system architect, asking him to investigate the matter and prepare a reply from CD Development to Ann. The last thing as an appendix to the original document/inquiry.

Peter does as requested, and in the process he finds some background information which he stores in cattaDoc as library files.

CD Development finally sends its reply to Ann - a new document is sent as a response to the original document

The actual background case is a bit old now (from 2004), but still usable to demonstrate various aspects of working with cattaDoc.


Working process in cattaDoc

We are starting from scratch to demonstrate all the steps that might be necessary. This means we also go through two preliminary steps:

  • We create the new organisation (PubTop Consulting) and new contact person (Ann Grossing)

  • We create project and folder

Users are not created in this tutorial. Read about creating users here.

In real life, most of the preliminary steps will already have been taken, as most documents are sent to and from organisations and contact persons already created in the system as well as concerning already created projects and folders.

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Revised: 2016-01-12