Tutorial step 2: Create person

In the second step we create a new contact person

From the PTC organisation's book screen you shall create the new person: Select Create contact person under New event on top of the left page - click the button with the OK icon .

  1. Enter the person's data in the Create Person screen, e.g.:
    • Short name / Initials = "AGP"
    • Name = "Ann Grossing"
    • Title = "Consultant"
    • E-mail = "ag@pubtopcons.com"

    A cattaDoc tip! The organisation field's default value is the organisation ID (PTC) for the organisation you have just created since you selected Create contact person from this organisation's screen. This can of course be changed.

    A cattaDoc tip! The list icon to the right of the organisation field indicates a List of values button. Click on this button if you cannot remember the ID for the organisation you want to enter. This brings up a list of values for organisations. For each organisation is displayed: ID, Name and Status. Values entered in the organisation field before pressing the List of values button are treated as delimiting parameters for the list of values. The normal database wildcard character '%' can be used. E.g., entering 'C%' in the field results in all organisations beginning with 'C'.
    Click Save when finished.

  2. After saving, the new contact person - AGP/Ann Grossing - is displayed in the "book", just like the organisation before.

    A cattaDoc tip! The link icon to the right of the organisation field is clickable and will turn the leaves in the book back to the organisation of the contact person.
    If you do so, notice that the organisation´s Persons´ tab on the right page has been populated with the newly created contact person.
    Click on the contact person and the leaves turn again, this time to the contact person's "book" display.

  3. Repeat creating contact persons until all your persons are created (not necessary here).
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Revised: 2016-01-12