Tutorial step 3: Create project and folder

In the third step we create a new project and folder

As the third step in the tutorial, we will create our active project and folder.

  1. In the search screen, select Create project under New object on top.

  2. Enter the project details in the Create Project form, e.g.:
    • Project short-name = "cD"
    • Name = "cattaDoc"
    • Description = "cattaDoc development"
    Click Save when finished.

  3. After saving, the new project is displayed in "the book" with only one active tab on the right page, the Events tab. The new project has the initial status of "Identifying / Identification phase"

  4. After creating a project, you can assign project roles for persons and organisations:
    • Select Assign role to person (or Assign role to organisation) under New event on top of the left page.
    • Select a person listed under Available persons in the Assign role for person(s) screen.
    • Enter the person´s role in relation to the project in the Person role field, e.g. "Project Manager".
    • Click save.
    The person as well as his role is now displayed under the Organisation tab on the left page of Project cattaDoc´s book display.

    A cattaDoc tip! If you click on the role name, you get a new, separate window displaying the project organisation details. You can use this to change the person/organisation´s role in relation to the project and to inactivate the role assignment.

    A cattaDoc tip! If you click on the organisation name on the Project´s Organisation tab, you turn over the leaves in the book and enter the organisation´s pages where you under the Projects tab can see the newly created link to the project cattaDoc. The relation, of course, goes both ways.

  5. Repeat step 5 for additional organisation.

  6. Now you can create folders as sub-groupings under the newly created project:
    • Select Create folder under New event on top of the left page.
    • Enter folder details in the Create Folder screen, e.g.:
      • ID / Short name = "CDInq"
      • Name = "cattaDoc Inquiries"
      • Description = "Inquiries about the cattaDoc development"
    • Click Save when finished

  7. After saving, you enter the new folder cattaDoc_Inquiries´s book display. Click on the link icon to the right of the Parent field to go back to the project cattaDoc.

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Revised: 2016-01-12