What Is New in cattaDoc Versions

Read about news and changes in cattaDoc since version 1


Medium update:

  • Updated to most recent version 5.3.3 of Bootstrap
  • All required packages (dependencies) updated to most recent version, including replacement packages when necessary
  • Bug-fixes
  • Various improvements, ref. the change log.


Major update:

  • Lots of bug-fixes
  • Updated to most recent version 4.5 of Bootstrap
  • All required packages (dependencies) updated to most recent version, including replacement packages when necessary
  • Dropped cookie encryption and thus PHP mcrypt (and later Libsodium) as a requirement
  • Only one catteDoc download file, with all dependencies included in one package subfolder
  • Basic Access Control dropped, only Enhanced Permission Control included
  • Expanded permission checks


Minor update:

Handling of risk register and to a lesser extent also lessons log revised and redesigned to better comply with PRINCE2.

Major update:

  • A new and modernized user interface
  • All code rewritten to enable a responsive design:
    • Adapts automatically to different devices / screen sizes
    • Designed for iPad and upwards
    • Min. resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Based on Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Changed to a frame-less design - no frames used
  • Changed character encoding to UTF-8 from ANSI
  • 'Organisation' replaces 'Company'
  • PEAR Mail_Mime replaces HtmlMimeMail
  • Added full-text search
  • Added a file manager for remote file management through the browser
  • Two download packages:
    1. Only the cattaDoc source code with no dependencies
    2. cattaDoc source code with all necessary dependencies:
      • ADODB
      • Are You Sure?
      • Bootstrap
      • Bootstrap-Datepicker
      • Bootstrap Password Strength Meter + Password Score
      • Bootstrap-select
      • Bootstrap-Switch
      • CKeditor
      • dompdf
      • jQuery
      • simogeo/Filemanager


Version 4.1

Medium update:

  • Enabled many-to-many relations for appendices and responses
  • Changed to a more concurrent-robust document ID generation
  • Changed and updated the project states and events
  • Improvements to the mail sending facilities, eg.
    • Sending e-mails to companies as well as contact persons
    • Check of defined e-mail address before sending
    • Ability to include version title in mail title
    • Added mail sent in text format in addition to html format
  • Expanded events search and moved it to the main search screen
  • Updated to PHP 5.2 and CKeditor 3
  • Added functions to save document file in CKeditor without exiting
  • A lot of bug fixes


Version 4.0

Major update:

  • Added project management capabilities based on PRINCE2TM and MSPTM best management practices
  • Changed project classes to portfolio, programme, project and folder plus tranche and stage
  • Links between projects and persons / companies have been expanded to support project organisation
  • Changed and expanded document classes to include PRINCE2/MSP management products and library files
    • The former distiction between incoming, outgoing and internal documents has consequently been removed
  • Added project logs with automatic creation of risk log, issue log and lessons learned log
  • Added reminders with possible links to all objects - for messages, tasks etc.
  • Added dashboard for management overview
  • Moved most of the system configuration options from external files to system administration inside cattaDoc so that nearly all system administration can be done remotely
  • Expanded the user preferences
  • Added document creation capabilities inside cattaDoc through integration of FCKeditor and including both system-wide and user-specific document templates
  • Added mail sending capabilities through integration of HTML Mime Mail
  • Added feature to link directly to a specific object in cattaDoc, e.g. in an e-mail
  • Added a number of system administration functions, e.g. change of object ID and class as well as an event viewer
  • Changed the main tables in the database to the InnoDB storage engine in order to get transaction support, ie. to avoid data inconsistencies when two or more users are trying to update the same object at the same time
    • The full text search capability on document title, description and keywords has consequently been removed as this is limited to the MyISAM storage engine used before
  • Replaced Tigra Calendar with the faster DHTML Calendar Widget
  • Updated and refreshed the cattaDoc web site


Version 3.1b

  • Fixed error at first logon


Version 3.1a

  • Fixed a security vulnerability (Remote File Disclosure Vulnerability)


Version 3.1

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.0

Major update:

  • Improved search facilities, including
    • unified document search across document classes
    • full text search on all words in 3 combined document fields: Title, Description and Keywords
    • unified project search
  • Expanded document processes to include:
    • reviews (e.g. quality assurance)
    • enabling document class changes (e.g. correspondance with versions going in and out)
    • finishing documents without sending them (e.g. internal documents)
  • Added person groups (person filters) - like distribution lists in e-mail programs - to facilitate linking documents to many contact persons
  • Publishing newest document version to separate folder without version number
  • Distinguishing contact persons and private persons making it possible to link (many) contact persons to one private person
  • Added class icons to better distinguish between classes
  • Fixed incompatibility with MySQL 5


Version 2.21

  • Fixed incompatibility with newer versions of ADOdb


Version 2.2

Medium update:

  • Added a new contact class where you can record meetings, telephone conversations etc. without creating a proper document
  • Introduction of many-to-many relations between companies / contact persons on the one hand and documents on the other hand. It is now possible to record more than one addressee of a document and more roles in relation to a document, e.g. reviewer, co-author and cc.
  • An improved and uniform handling of master data
  • Changed the included document processes making it possible to send a document many times without creating a new version
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 2.1

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 2.0

Major update:

  • Advanced security with access control - read more about it
  • 2-pane improved user interface for document-to-program/project/sub-project as well as company-program and user-group links
  • Improved styles for Mozilla / Firefox browsers
  • Optional pop-up message when creating new objects as well as a few other create events
  • Bug fixes


Version 1.21

  • Corrected an error in system/cdAuthConst.php (a dot instead of a comma!)


Version 1.20

  • Added extensions - or plug-in - interface, and a new extension
  • Changed all global variables in configurations files in the /system sub-folder to PHP constants
  • Corrected a number of errors


Version 1.11

  • Corrected error in release 1.1 package where an old version of the authentication procedure was included instead of the current


Version 1.1

  • Completed the transition to support cattaDoc running with the PHP.INI parameter register_globals=Off
  • Guides added to the /doc sub-folder - copied from the online versions available here on the cattaDoc web site
  • Various bug-fixes


Version 1.03

  • Added function to compare MD5 checksum for document version in cattaDoc repository with version on user's local disk system
  • Added system administration function to display defined company categories and create new category
  • Various bug-fixes and minor improvements


Version 1.02

  • Changed the download function to a more robust form
  • Added download to the check out function
  • Internationalised the number display format for file size
  • Added re-logon link to logoff confirmation screen


  • Minor bug-fix


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