cattaSearch frontend snippets

You can find code snippets in the cattaSeach download file to include in or adapt to your website

You can see one way of including search functionality on this website. Just click the search icon in the menu on top.


Code snippets - ie pieces of HTML and PHP code - are included in the cattaSeach download file, in the search subfolder.

  • search/searchfieldSnippet.html: Is an example of HTML code to include in a web page. It consists of a search field trigger and a modal pop-up with the actual search field where the user can enter words to search for.
  • search/fulltextHelp.php: A help file explaining how to search with cattaSearch.
  • search/sogeHjaelp.php: A Danish version of fulltextHelp.php.
  • search/searchSnippet.php: Is PHP code to execute the search and present the search results.
  • search/csLogonR.php: Is the PHP ADOdb code for at read-ony connection to the database.


cattaSearch is based on fulltext search in MySQL. This means that a certain syntax can be used to refine the search of the website. This is explained in the search help file search/fulltextHelp.php, optionally to be called from the search field (see searchfieldSnippet.html).


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Revised: 2020-05-24