Create or Upload Versions

New document versions can both be created in and uploaded to cattaDoc

Before version 4.0, document versions could only be uploaded to cattaDoc. Now documents can also be created in cattaDoc.


From version 4.0, it is possible to create new document versions in cattaDoc. This can be done in two ways:

  1. From an HTML template - requires CKeditor (formerly called FCKeditor)
  2. From database registrations, as in registers and logs - requires programs in cattaDoc

cattaDoc comes with a few general HTML templates - actually PHP files supporting transfer of document information, like title, description, author and document ID to the new version.

Users can upload their own templates through Preferences in cattaDoc. System administrators can add new general HTML templates through System administration.

It is, of course, also possible to edit existing HTML versions in cattaDoc - through Edit / Check out.

Program-generated versions from database registrations also result in HTML files, at least for the time being. I have experimented with the creation of PDF versions from HTML files - based on the add-on component, dompdf. I have succeeded with simpler files, but for register files with tables typically spanning several pages dompdf fails.


Any type of digital file can be uploaded to cattaDoc. So documents created outside of cattaDoc can be uploaded to the cattaDoc document or library file repositories.

Please notice, that PHP has a limit to the size of file uploads. This limit is defined in the parameter upload_max_filesize in the configuration file, php.ini. Remember to adjust this parameter to your needs.


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Revised: 2020-05-20