Sources for Project Management

Information on sources for project management and the project processes in cattaDoc

The project best practice processes in cattaDoc are mainly based on:

  • PRINCE2®: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, 2005, 2009 and 2017 editions, Axelos

  • PRINCE2 AgileTM, 2015 and 2018, Axelos

  • MSP®: Managing Successful Programmes, 2003, 2007 and 2011 editions, Axelos

  • MoPTM: Management of Portfolios, 2011 (First edition), Axelos

  • Portfolios: Chris Venning, Managing Portfolios of Change with MSPTM for programmes and PRINCE2TM for projects, 2007, Office of Government Commerce / TSO

The core books on PRINCE2 and MSP are based on many persons's and many organisations's contributions in an ongoing process of gathering and describing best practices for projects and programmes in a coherent set of methods.

Relevant links can be found on the links page.


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Revised: 2020-06-09