Project organisation and costs in cattaDoc

Define your project organisation as well as project budget and costs

You can define and document your project organisation in cattaDoc. There is support for all the roles defined by PRINCE2 and MSP as well as other roles often found in projects, with cross-links to the persons and organisations defined in cattaDoc.

You can also define and follow your project budget and costs in cattaDoc.


For all project classes you can define the project organisation. Select Assign role to organisation or Assign role to person as New event from the project book display.

If more roles are needed, a system administrator can add new roles in the System Administration function under Master data administration --> Project Role Types.

Below is a screendump form a project organisation in cattaDoc:

Lille billede

A project organisation example in cattaDoc
Click to see screen dump in full size


For all project classes except folders a project budget can be defined in cattaDoc through a simple spreadsheet-like interface:

Lille billede

A project budget example in cattaDoc
Click to see screen dump in full size

The cost items are defined in a special pop-up window (shown at left in the screendump above) which you access by clicking the dollar or clock icon in the project book display at the right. For each item you can enter a unit cost, hours/numbers and a factor. The sums are automatically calculated as well as the totals (hours and money). The latter are transferred to the book display at the right.

Similar to the project budget you can enter the actual project costs, displayed below the budget on the left page on the project book display.


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Revised: 2020-05-21