cattaDoc Installation Step 2:
Create MySQL backend database

Create the cattaDoc database and database users

cattaDoc uses a MySQL database for all its data, except documents and library files.

Create a new database in MySQL for cattaDoc:


Here is what you do in Windows:

  1. Open a command prompt ("DOS Window")

  2. Go to the sub-folder db in the cattaDoc folder

  3. Run the batch file createdatabase.bat with username for a MySQL system administrator as first argument and the associated, optional password as second argument, ie.:

    createdatabase username [password]

Note: You have to change the MySQL installation path in createdatabase.bat, if not installed in the default C:\mysql.


Run the shell script createdatabase from the sub-directory db in the cattaDoc directory.


You are prompted for a username and password for a MySQL system administrator.


Both scripts do the same:

  1. Create a MySQL database with the name cattadoc

    Note: If you want another database name, you'll have to change the name in 3 files:
    • The script / command file, createdatabase(.bat)
    • The database creation file, createcddb.sql
    • The users file, createuser.sql

  2. Create 3 MySQL users with the following roles / permissions:
    • cda: System administrator
    • cdw: Normal user with read and write permissions
    • cdr: A read-only user

    Note: I will strongly advise you to change the default passwords for the 3 MySQL users. Do it in the input file createuser.sql before running the script.

  3. Create the cattaDoc database structure with tables, initial master data, etc.

MySQL reports warnings about using a password on the command line. It is normal. You can ignore these warnings.



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3 Giovanni (Napoli - Italia) wrote 2014-06-12 17:05:07 :

Login error
about the login error also reported in the faq.
I have the same problem but I don't think it cames fron wrong user or password. Is it possible an issue from Mysql connection or the php crypt function?
The error reported is:"Warning: mysql_connect(): [2002] Impossibile stabilire la connessione. Rifiuto persistente del computer di destinazione. (trying to connect via tcp://localhost:3306) in F:\cattadoc\adodb\drivers\ on line 458 Warning: mysql_connect(): Impossibile stabilire la connessione. Rifiuto persistente del computer di destinazione. in F:\cattadoc\adodb\drivers\ on line 458 Error! Error : Invalid username / password combination"
There is something to set in ADODB?
Thanks a lot.

2 Erik Maaløe (Copenhagen - Denmark) wrote 2010-02-02 15:28:28 :

Re. Cannot create 3 users
Hi Anton,

Thanks for your interest in cattaDoc.

The user cpitsob_cattadoc mentioned in the MySQL error message you get is not defined in the supplied cattaDoc installation files. cattaDoc assumes you have created the MySQL root user and then creates 3 additional users, cda, cdw and cdr.

Please try first with these users.

Best regards,

1 Anton (Christchurch - New Zealand) wrote 2010-01-28 08:34:43 :

cannot create 3 users
I succeed in creating my database but when I run the SQL query to create the 3 users I get this error message: #1044 - Access denied for user 'cpitsob_cattadoc'@'localhost' to database 'cpitsob_cattadoc'
Please advise

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