cattaDoc Installation Step 5:
Create the first cattaDoc users

Modify configuration files before first logon to cattaDoc

Logon to cattaDoc for the first time and create your first users. This is a four-step process:

  1. Logon to cattaDoc
  2. Create organisation
  3. Create contact persons
  4. Define users


The first time you logon to cattaDoc you will use the default cattaDoc system administrator user:

  1. In your web browser, enter the URL to your cattaDoc installation
    • eg http://localhost/cattadoc/index.php

  2. In the cattaDoc logon screen, enter cdadmin as the username

  3. Enter cdadmin as the password

  4. Click on the Logon button

  5. After successful logon, you enter the cattaDoc search screen.


As your initial task in cattaDoc, you will have to create the first cattaDoc users.

Normally you do this by first creating a organisation, ie your own organisation, and then one or more contact persons:

  1. Select 'Create organisation' from the New object drop-down box in the top of the search screen

  2. Enter the organisation details in the Create Organisation screen
    Note: Required fields are indicated with an asterisk '*' to the right of the label, the rest are optional.
    Tip: Use the organisation's domain name as the organisation short-name - and as name enter the organisation full name, including blanks, correct uppercase/lowercase etc.

  3. Click the Save button when complete

  4. From the Organisation screen with the new organisation, select 'Create contact person' from the New event drop-down box in the top

  5. Enter the contact person / user details in the Create Person screen
    Note: The organisation short name is already entered, as you started the creation from the organisation screen.
    Tip: Use initials or e-mail name as short-name for the person.

  6. Click the Save button when complete

  7. Repeat the previous steps for other users you want to create initially
    Tip: Click the link icon to the right of the organisation short-name in the Person screen to enter the Organisation screen.


Now you shall define the newly created persons as cattaDoc users.

  1. Click the Search button to enter the Search screen

  2. Click the System button to enter the System administration menu

  3. Select 'Users' in the User administration section

  4. Click the Select/Save button with the icon to list all persons

  5. Select the person you want to define as cattaDoc user

  6. Enter the user details:
    • Define User: Yes
    • Define Permissions, eg Author
    • Enter initial / New password
    • Repeat password
    • Set Change password to Yes, if you want the user to be prompted to change his password during first logon

  7. Click the Update button when complete

  8. Repeat the previous steps for other persons you want to define as users.

Consider revoking the default system administrator user, cdadmin, or at least change the password.

Note: You need to keep at least one system administrator user in order to perform system administration tasks.


Complete the installation of cattaDoc with the first configuation using the built-in System Administration function.



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2 Erik Maaløe (Værløse - Denmark) wrote 2011-09-05 10:05:04 :

Create database error
You are right - and I am sorry.

The correct INSERT statement for Manual and the following CV in version 4.1 should be:

INSERT INTO doctype (dcID, dtName, dbCreateHtml, dbCreateHtmlFn, dbCreatePdf, dbCreatePdfFn) VALUES("6", "Manual", 0, NULL, 0, NULL);
INSERT INTO doctype (dcID, dtName, dbCreateHtml, dbCreateHtmlFn, dbCreatePdf, dbCreatePdfFn) VALUES("6", "CV", 0, NULL, 0, NULL);

This will of course be corrected in the next version.


1 SnakeEye (Rio Rancho - US) wrote 2011-09-01 19:00:59 :

mySql Error
 The cattadocdb.sql has errors in it. I get this when I try to import the file:


SQL query:

INSERT INTO doctype( dcID, dtName, dbCreateHtml, dbCreateHtmlFn, dbCreatePdf, dbCreatePdfFn ) 

"6", "Manual", "0", 0, NULL , 0, NULL


#1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 

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