cattaDoc Installation Step 4:
Initial Configuration Modifications

Modify configuration files before first logon to cattaDoc

System configuration has been made much easier since cattaDoc version 4.0. Most of it can be done inside cattaDoc through System administration --> Configuration / System constants.

However, when installing cattaDoc for the first time, there are a few things you need to manually enter in configuration files before the first logon to cattaDoc.


cattaDoc´s configuration files are located in the /system sub-folder.

Before the first logon, cattaDoc needs to know where it is. Therefore you need to specify the following things:

  1. In cdAuthConst.php: cattaDoc authentication constants
    CDHOSTNAME: Enter the computername of the server hosting cattaDoc.

  2. Again CDHOSTNAME: Enter the computername of the server hosting cattaDoc.

    • CDROOT: Enter the path to the root directory for the cattaDoc source files - as the operating system will see it.
      • Linux example: /srv/www/htdocs/cattadoc
      • Windows example: D:\inetpub\cattadoc

    • CDWROOT: Enter the web server path to the root directory for the cattaDoc source files - as the web server will see it - ie. without the server part.
      • Example: /cattadoc/

    • CDWEBPATH: Enter the complete URL to the root directory for the cattaDoc source files - including the server part.
      • Example:

  4. There are 3 configuration files with connect strings for each of the MySQL users created with the database creation script, ref. above The cattaDoc database:
    • For users with system administrator access
    • For users with read+write access
    • For users with read-only access

    In each of these you will have to:
    • Define the path to your to the main ADODB file, ref. the cattaDoc requirements. Default is adodb/ - if you install the full cattaDoc installation package, the default will work.
    • Define the connect string to the cattaDoc database - the default will be ok.
      Note: If you changed the username and/or the password in the database creation scripts, ref. step 2 The cattaDoc database, you will also have to change them here.


The first time you logon to cattaDoc, you are adviced to enter System administration --> Configuration / System constants in order to set the rest of the cattaDoc configuration items.



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2 Erik Maaløe (Copenhagen - Denmark) wrote 2009-08-06 16:13:31 :

Undefined index and error
The variable cdobj in index.php is used to refer the user to a given page in cattaDoc another than the default search page after logon. Ie. it makes it possible to send a link to a specific document in cattaDoc which the user can click on and go to directly after logon. In a normal logon to cattaDoc the variable is undefined - hence the notice, which is just a notice.

Re fatal error: _() refers to gettext, the function used in cattaDoc for internationalisation / translation to other languages. When you get an error in this connection, the most probable reason is that you have not installed and/or enabled gettext. Please look here: .

1 Mrinal (New Delhi - India) wrote 2009-08-06 11:43:53 :

not working
Notice: Undefined index: cdobj in d:\easyphp1-8\www\dms\cattadoc-4.0\cattadoc\index.php on line 12

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _() in d:\easyphp1-8\www\dms\cattadoc-4.0\cattadoc\index.php on line 21

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