cattaDoc Installation Step 1:
Copy files and set file permissions

File permissions are different in Windows and Linux

Extract the cattaDoc files from the download file and copy them to a directory accessible by your web server.

It is important that you keep the relative directory structure in the download file.

The web server requires that file permissions for the cattaDoc files are defined properly:

  • The web server user/owner (ref. below) shall have at least read access to all cattaDoc source files
  • The web server user/owner shall have write access to files in 3 specific sub-folders:

    • system/ : System configuration files writable from System administration in cattaDoc

    • templates/ : Templates for creating new document versions shall be writable for user uploads from Preferences in cattaDoc

    • userpref/ : User settings / preferences writable from Preferences in cattaDoc

  • The web server user/owner shall also have write access to the 4 repositories created in installation step 3.

The most probable cause of problems after installation of cattaDoc is incorrect file and directory permissions. So make sure that file and directory permissions are correct:


In Windows - assuming you are using the NTFS file system - the anonymous web server account, IUSR_computername, and the launch IIS process account, IWAM_computername, should have at least Read and Execute permissions to all cattaDoc files and folders.


In Linux, owner and group specification differ from distribution to distribution. In OpenSUSE it was root as owner and users as group. In Ubuntu it is www-data / nogroup.

There are read and write permissions for owner, but only read permissions for group and others - 100644 in short.

It might be otherwise in other Linux distribution. Please leave a comment if you have experience with cattaDoc on other Linux distros.



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4 Erik Maaløe (Copenhagen - Denmark) wrote 2009-02-22 18:37:24 :

Re: Missing File ext/dash2.php
Hi Uwe,

You are right. The file 'ext/dash2.php' should have been included in the packed download file. Even though it is just an empty file meant for additional, site-defined dashboard items.

I will include it in the next version. Thanks for pointing this out.

Best regards

3 Uwe Loyal (Somborn - Germany) wrote 2009-02-19 19:37:05 :

Missing File
in file dash.php at line 606, there is an include('ext/dash2.php'), but I didn't find such file in your zip-file!

Uwe Loyal

2 Erik Maaløe (Copenhagen - Denmark) wrote 2009-02-04 19:34:17 :

Re: Fatal Error - _()
Hi Mbarek,

Thanks for your interest in cattaDoc.

_() refers to gettext, the function used in cattaDoc for internationalisation / translation to other languages. When you get an error in this connection, the most probable reason is that you have not installed and/or enabled gettext. Please look here: .

Best regards


1 BADDI Mbarek (kenitra - morocco) wrote 2009-02-04 12:01:14 :

fata Error

i have upload all file on my server but when i want to install the application i got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _() in /mnt/w0713/d28/s03/b02c9214/www/Blog/ecm/cattadoc/index.php on line 21

Please Help me out.

Thanks & Regards.


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