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Esther Dyson on "spreadsheets for processes":
In her newsletter, Release 1.0, in 2004 Esther Dyson writes about evolving, new types of software under the headline Meta-mail: A Medium for Meaning.
"Meta-mail", because the most obvious point of departure is the ever overflowing e-mail inbox.
But the focus is on getting control of business processes, not business data. The last thing is taken care of by e.g. spreadsheets. But where is VisiProcess, she asks, with a reference to VisiCalc, the first successful spreadsheet?
Interesting to read about issues also on focus in cattaDoc, the management of business and document processes. Unfortunately, only an abstract of her newsletter is publicly available.
However, you can listen to her views in a video on ZDNet where she makes references to Lotus Agenda and more recent applications addressing the issues of getting control of business processes.
There is also on ZDNet an excerpt from her Release 1.0 newsletter with the title Resilient: Making processes into objects.


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