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2024-03-04: cattaDoc 6.5
Version 6.5 of cattaDoc released.
See what is new in version 6.5.
Download cattaDoc 6.5.

2022-05-14: Download error fixed
An error in the download logging has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2020-11-24: Site optimised
The site has been optimised for quicker access, primarily by reorganising the underlying database and not logging bots crawling the site.

2020-06-17: cattaDoc 6.0
Version 6.0 of cattaDoc released.
See what is new in version 6.0.
Download cattaDoc 6.0.

2020-06-09: cattaSearch 1.0
First version of cattaSearch released.
Read more about cattaSearch.
Download cattaSearch 1.0.

2018-07-16: Site search updated
Site search on based on Google Custom Search updated to Google's API 2.0.

2016-01-25: cattaDoc 5.0.1
An update version 5.0.1 of cattaDoc is released.
See what is new in update 5.0.1.
Download update 5.0.1.

2016-01-13: cattaDoc 5.0
A new version 5.0 of cattaDoc is released with a new and modernized user interface, responsive design automatically adapting to different devices/screen sizes plus more.
See what is new in version 5.0.
Download the new version 5.0.

2016-01-12: New online demo
A new online demo of cattaDoc based on version 5 is now available.
The case in the demo version is based on the tutorial.

2015-12-22: New web site
In preparation for the soon forthcoming version 5 of cattaDoc, a new web site for cattaDoc has been launched.
Most of the pages in the new web site refer to cattaDoc 5. Further testing, however, is needed before releasing this new version. I hope it will be ready soon.

2011-06-28: cattaDoc 4.1
Finally, a new version 4.1 of cattaDoc is released with lots of bug fixes and a number of new features.
See what is new in version 4.1.
Download the new version 4.1.

2009-06-25: Spam filter
Due to increasing spam in the comments, a spam filter has been applied to all comments. If a comment seems to be spam, it will be stored and logged, but not published.

2008-09-05: cattaDoc 4.0
A new version 4.0 of cattaDoc is released with project management capabilities.
See what is new in version 4.0.
Download the new version 4.0.
Also the web site has been updated with search and comments capabilities.

2008-09-04: cattaDoc 3.1b
A new version 3.1b of cattaDoc is released.
See what is new in version 3.1b.
Download version 3.1b.

2008-08-04: cattaDoc 3.1a
A new version 3.1a of cattaDoc is released.
See what is new in version 3.1a.

2007-07-02: cattaDoc 3.1
A new version 3.1 of cattaDoc is released.
See what is new in version 3.1.

2006-06-01: Maaloe Consulting created
I have created the independent IT management consulting company Maaloe Consulting, working as part of ChangeGroup.

2006-04-03: cattaDoc 3.0
A new version 3.0 of cattaDoc is released.
Read what is new in version 3.0.
Download the new version 3.0.

2004-12-31: Back from Madagascar
I am back from a Christmas holiday in Madagascar.
I didn't see any catta lemurs this time, but a few other species. The catta lemur has been extinct in the western region around Tulear (Toliara), one of the places I saw them 20 years ago.
And sadly enough, all the rain forest on the 100 km stretch from Moramanga to Brickaville between Antananarivo and Tamatave (Toamasina) has also been wiped out because of the local population's feu de brousse as it is called in French, the slash-and-burn technique used to clear land for agriculture. Before: Thick, impenetrable forest. Today: Open hills with some fields and scattered trees.
The Asian tsunami also hit Madagascar last Sunday. According to the local press, some thousands villagers on the southern part of the east coast lost their homes, but nobody was killed apparently.

2004-09-20: cattaDoc with user permission control
A new version 2.0 of cattaDoc with control of user permissions (advanced security) is released. With permission control, each object in cattaDoc has an Access Control List (ACL) specifying permissions for that particular object. Read more about the concepts in permission control and how permission control manifests itself in practice

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