Rules and Policies for

The comments and privacy rules and policies for the cattaDoc and cattaSearch home site

Welcome to, home site for cattaDoc – an open source document and project management solution - as well as cattaSearch - Open source local website crawl, find and search.


User information collected

When visiting the following information is collected for all visitors / users: the IP address, operating system and browser used. This information is not displayed for the public.

When submitting a comment, the following additional information is collected: The user´s name, home city, country and e-mail address – as entered by the user. Of this information, the e-mail address is not displayed for the public.


Use of user information

The user information collected is not used outside the scope of

The user information is not sold or otherwise forwarded to third parties.

However, in case of possible breach of law the right is reserved to deliver the IP address to the offended or to the authorities.



Comments must be relevant in the context.

Comments must not be abusive, defamatory, discriminating or otherwise incriminatory.

Comments must not contain ads or ad links.

The web site owner reserves the right to remove comments which in his opinion does not adhere to these rules.

Comments considered outdated will also be removed.



All content on is the personal property and copyright of Erik Maaløe.



You are welcome to contact Erik Maaløe at erik at maaloe dot biz.