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Web-based document and project management with support for PRINCE2® and MSP®

Latest version 6.5 released 2024


Website search engine without adds and no unwanted data sent to tech giants

First version 1.0 released 2020

Web/cloud-based: Access to your documents and manage your websites from everywhere
Open source: Based on MySQL and PHP as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Current versions
cattaDoc version 6.5
cattaSearch version 1.0


Run projects based on best management practices.

Easily find your documents including full-text search.

Ensure compliance and traceability.

Manage and keep track of your documents from start to end.

Be a project manager in control, i.e. without stress.

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Manage and search as many (sub-)websites as you want.

Define blacklists of directories and file types NOT to include in search.

Backend: Crawl, find and extract text to database.

Frontend: Fulltext search website, both web pages, PDF files and Word/OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents.

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Screen dump from the cattaDoc 6.5 dashboard


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Screen dump from the cattaSearch website definitions


PRINCE2® and MSP® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited.


2024-03-04: cattaDoc 6.5
Version 6.5 of cattaDoc released.
See what is new in version 6.5.
Download cattaDoc 6.5.

2022-05-14: Download error fixed
An error in the download logging has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2020-11-24: Site optimised
The site has been optimised for quicker access, primarily by reorganising the underlying database and not logging bots crawling the site.

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