Web-based open source document and project management system with support for PRINCE2® and MSP®

Brand-new and modernized version 5 released

Current version
Current cattaDoc version 5.0.
With update version 5.0.1.

Document management

  • Easily find your documents including full-text search
  • Ensure compliance and traceability
  • Manage and keep track of your documents from start to end
  • A document repository with metadata

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Project management

  • Based on PRINCE2® and MSP®
  • Run projects based on best management practices
  • Get an instant overview of your projects, their status and phases
  • Be a project manager in control, i.e. without stress

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  • Cloud-based - even before this term was invented
  • Access to your project files and documents from everywhere

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Open source

  • Based on MySQL and PHP as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Linux and Apache can be used as operating system and web server

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PRINCE2® and MSP® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited.

Lille billede
Screen dump from the cattaDoc 5 dashboard


2018-07-16: Site search updated
Site search on based on Google Custom Search updated to Google's API 2.0.

2016-01-25: cattaDoc 5.0.1
An update version 5.0.1 of cattaDoc is released.
See what is new in update 5.0.1.
Download update 5.0.1.

2016-01-13: cattaDoc 5.0
A new version 5.0 of cattaDoc is released with a new and modernized user interface, responsive design automatically adapting to different devices/screen sizes plus more.
See what is new in version 5.0.
Download the new version 5.0.

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